Karaoke Uve

Karaoke Uve is a small bar in the centre of Elche.
The bar is typical Spanish and so is most of the audience.
They have a large selection Spanish songs and also an English list.


The audio system is not so well, it’s very hard to hear yourself sing because there is no separate monitor for the singer. Also the overall sound is not great.

You’ll have to check the screen to know when your on as there is no DJ that talks to the audience.

Friendly Staff

The staff is really friendly!!

If you are in Elche and you like to sing Karaoke Uve probably is your best choice.
There are 1 or 2 other karaoke bars in the centre but their Sound System is even worse.

Strange that most Spanish karaoke bars don’t have a professional Sound System because it really isn’t that expensive. But even so, having the right equipment doesn’t guarantee a good sound, I have visited many bars with professional equipment but their settings where so bad that it sounded like a 20 euro Yoko radio and even if Elvis would sing a song no one would notice.

Location Karaoke Uve Elche (Elx)

Grotere kaart weergeven

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Address: Calle Almorida, 2 03203 Elche

Phone: Unknown

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